What can we do for you and your business?

The USP Application gives you a simple way to identify, analyse and target more of the 4.8 million live UK companies. This is achieved by delivering three levels of search ensuring that you get the best results available for your project. This means when you are working in the Application, you will have more relevant and more focused results to work with.

The Application is packed with intuitive and time-saving features including 1700 pre-prepared industry reports, or simply create your own in minutes. Introduce your own data (prospects, customers, suppliers, competitors) and the Application will auto match with the company financials, then simply append your own project information into the CRM feature.

You can even badge industry reports with your own logo and corporate style.

How we differ / Why use USP Data ?

For the last 25 years we have focused on providing individual industry reports to businesses in all sectors, for use in business development, research, Mergers and Acquisitions and so much more. Our USP is that we do not simply deliver company data, you have access to a complete system in which you can manage and compare all the live companies in the UK.

Why have you used our data year after year?

The company data we provide is more sector focused than anything available elsewhere and does not suffer from random SIC code misclassification.  You constantly tell us how much time this accuracy saves you. Following significant research, consultation and in depth feedback sessions with many of you, we have brought all the industry reports and much more into one easy to use, time-saving Application.

How would you summarise the USP Application ?

Five years of Company data, 4.8M companies with full financials, ownership structure, directorship information and super-enhanced sector classifications, fully loaded with marketing information, websites, emails* etc all cleverly integrated into an easy to use Application which allows you to produce your targets and business reports in minutes, and if that’s not enough all your saved data can be automatically updated and highlighted as companies file their accounts. You can combine this with our simple CRM system or easily export to your own in house system.

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How we differ