The best sectorised UK company information database

The USP Data application is one of the largest UK company information databases. It includes the latest information on more than 5 million live UK companies. When you are looking for company acquisitions or new customers, having the data correctly classified is essential to your productivity. Our unique advantage is having the 1000+ researched industry sector reports included in USP Data. These improved industry sector classifications mean that you will find more of the relevant prospects that other UK company information databases will overlook. 

You can import your research and/or existing lists from an external source. Your work can then be enhanced with USP Data listings or SIC listings and can then be used to find other companies in the relevant sector(s). Your working list of firms may then be screened using suitable combinations of keywords, financial and/or geographic selection criteria to enable you to focus on a useful shortlist very quickly.

How we differ and why use the USP Data application?

Over 30 years ago we set out to do an industry benchmarking exercise and identified a big problem with SIC classifications. Essentially when you look at a standard listing you will find you are trying to compare apples and oranges. We decided that our own industry sector classifications could greatly improve the utility of our UK company information database. 

Subsequently, we have researched what the firms actually do and classified them accordingly. Our idea was to develop our own more accurate sector listing of companies so that the industry comparisons, rankings and industry averages that result from the USP data application are that much more focused. 

Since SIC classifications have not improved much in the meantime, the 1000+ researched report listings provided in USP Data have become our unique advantage. The researched listings of companies covering most UK industry sectors are provided as a starting point for you to customise and refine according to your requirements. Customers can leverage the results of all this work to dramatically improve productivity. It is the difference between having a UK company database with and without indexing. It is a simple matter to do a Companies House check of the SIC code using the USP Data application to see how much our researched reports improve the classification of the company data.

Why have you used our data year after year?

The UK company information database we provide is more sector-focused than anything available elsewhere and does not suffer from random SIC code misclassification.  You constantly tell us how much time this accuracy saves you. 

Following significant research, consultation and in-depth feedback sessions with many of you, we have brought all the industry reports and much more into one easy-to-use, time-saving application.  Since the researched listings are unique to USP Data this results in opportunities that other deal origination or client origination tools will not uncover. 

As well as maintaining the existing sector analysis reports our team of researchers is available to assist in bespoke customer projects to ensure you get the most complete and accurate results for lists of particular interest. 

How would you summarise USP Data?

Five years of UK company information data, 5 million live companies with full financials, ownership structure, directorship information and super-enhanced sector classifications, fully loaded with marketing information, websites, and contact information all cleverly integrated into an easy-to-use application which allows you to produce your targets and business reports in minutes. If that’s not enough all your saved data can be automatically updated and highlighted as companies file their accounts. You can combine this with our simple CRM system or easily export it to your own in house system.

Is there a way to see the USP Data application in action?

All you need to do is to apply for a uk company database free trial here and we will provide you a demo of USP Data App

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