Find Company Information using industry leading firmographic data selections

Find Company Information fast with the USP Data app – Your Ultimate Solution for Targeted Company Information

Unlock the power of precision with the USP Data app, your go-to resource to find company information. Tailored to meet the needs of your buy & build or customer acquisition strategy, our app provides unlimited access to industry leading firmographic data selections through a dynamic company database comprising over 5.3 million live UK companies.

Deal Origination made easy with the USP Data company database

  • Efficient Deal Origination: Accelerate your deal origination process with our user-friendly app. Utilise industry-leading firmographic data selections, including financial, geographic, and shareholder profiles and crucially leverage our 30 years of research encapsulated in 1000+ industry sector reports, enabling you to pinpoint relevant prospects that other databases might overlook.
  • Import and Enhance Your Lists: Seamlessly import existing research or lists from external sources such as customer databases or Google-prepared target lists. Enhance these lists with USP Data’s researched and SIC listings, then apply industry leading firmographic data selectors enabling you to swiftly narrow down your focus to a target niche industry.
  • Manage Your Search: Do away with endless spreadsheets by making use of the built in CRM to manage your lists and the latest updates to the company records. Run what-if selections and save the results until the best solutions become apparent all in one place and recycle your research into futher projects effortlessly.
  • Comparative Analysis and Reporting: Identify niche industry listings and perform comparative analyses effortlessly. Export relevant financial details using customisable templates. Our reporting facility empowers you to make data-driven decisions and produce analysis reports for fund raising or management meetings. Additionally you can export responsive contact details for precise communications.

Industry leading firmographic data selections from USP Data

  • Accurate Industry Sector Classifications: Unlike other solutions relying on SIC codes, we have conducted extensive research to classify companies accurately based on their actual activities. This ensures better quality market niches, saving you time and money on irrelevant prospects.
  • Unique Researched Listings: Our app includes 1000+ researched report listings covering various UK industry sectors. These listings serve as a customisable starting point, allowing you to refine your searches according to your specific requirements.
  • No More SIC Code Misclassification: Overcome the limitations of SIC codes, which often include vague classifications. Our researched report listings, combined with other firmographic data selectors, facilitate the quick and meaningful identification of interesting market niches among the 5.3 million companies in our database.

Identifying your niche industry or market niches amongst the 5.3M live companies in the USP Data company database

  • Sector-Focused Accuracy: Our UK company information database is more sector-focused than any other available, eliminating the risk of random SIC code misclassification and saving you valuable time.
  • Exclusive Researched Listings: Our researched reports, unique to USP Data, uncover opportunities that other tools may overlook, particularly for buy and build strategies targeting SME firms.
  • Dedicated Research Team: Benefit from our team of researchers who can assist in bespoke customer projects, ensuring you receive the most complete and accurate results for lists of particular interest.

In summary, the USP Data app is your key to swiftly and accurately sifting through the latest data on 5.3 million live UK companies, identifying meaningful niche groups for successful deal origination or customer acquisition. Apply for a free trial now to experience the USP Data application in action and discover how it can revolutionise your approach to company information and deal origination.

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