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The best industry sector reports classifications

Although we include SIC code based industry sector reports within the USP Data application the 1000+ unique researched sector reports listed below improve on the accuracy of classification.  For marketing purposes SIC codes may be enough, but any sort of analysis of the industry sector listings of the actual companies using SIC codes quickly shows the problem.  Essentially many SIC classifications are vague and many companies are misclassified so you will end up comparing apples and oranges.  This problem is what led us to undertake the research to improve on these industry sector report classifications and is the unique advantage of the USP Data application.

Our idea is to group companies based on what they actually do. This is based on their sector association memberships and the text on their website. Our intention is to provide customers with a complete industry reports database with accurate sector classifications.  Importantly all this research can be leveraged by combining the researched report listings with your data and using this research as a shortcut to improve the focus of shortlists you are compiling.

More focused industry sector reports data - our unique advantage

As a result of more than 30 years of research work classifying UK companies into the appropriate industry sector reports more focused and yet exhaustive listings are available only through USP Data. This will save you time finding relevant companies. The industry sector analysis reports we provide are designed to compare like with like so that sensible business development decisions can be taken on the merits of actual industry competitors. 

One of the problems with SME data is that it is patchy.  Many companies file less than complete information at Companies House. A major benefit of using our unique industry sector reports is that they will include more of the companies overlooked by keyword or financial screenings of this data alone.

The main benefit of using the USP Data application is to help identify more of the relevant companies quickly.  The idea is to get more relevant suggestions and then produce a more focused analysis of these firms faster and with less effort.  Of course you can combine our work, SIC classifications and keyword selections with your own researched lists imported into USP Data.  Potentially interesting firms may then be screened by combinations of financial and geographical selection criteria. 

Why USP Data will increase your productivity

Leveraging the researched report listings is a unique way to discover firms of potential interest.  For example, the latest information on any live UK company can be accessed in USP Data at any time. Each of the 5M company financial records also shows the industry sector report(s) into which it has been classified.  

Downloading a copy of the industry report(s) will immediately provide you with the full details of the company and all its competitors. Additionally, the report includes the relative rankings of all the firms in the sector based on the latest financial figures available and performance is benchmarked against relevant industry averages.  It is possible to quickly assess the prospects of the firm, its position in the industry and from the industry averages and trends the prospects for the industry itself. 

As well as maintaining the existing sector analysis reports our team of researchers is available to assist in bespoke customer projects to ensure you get the most complete and accurate results for lists of particular interest.

Industry report formats available from USP Data

Customised report listings you have created can be saved in the CRM or printed in our standard PDF report format (ie the same format as each of the 1000+ industry sector reports listed below). Industry sector reports may be exported as a spreadsheet or a contact mailing list from USP as desired.

The USP Data system automatically updates each of the industry sector reports and all your customised reports each week and the system will inform you of new data filed for constituent companies.

Is there a way to see a sample industry sector report?

All you need to do is to apply for a free trial here and we will provide you a demo of USP Data App