How to Analyse Companies Filing Abbreviated Accounts
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USP Data will allow you search the UK’s fast growing companies, as many other platforms allow, nothing new there! One of our many key differentiators is our platform allows you to cut and shape the data in any way you want. You’re able to look at fast growing/ flat lining/ and even declining companies. Build and track your own fast growing companies within a bespoke report allowing you to track any changes to your prospects, competitors and suppliers as and when they file their accounts. Meaning you’re one step ahead of the rest.

Coming soon: USP have designed and are finalising an algorithm that allows you to search on those companies who do not have to file full accounts (c.600k). The limit for these companies to file is a t/o of £10.2m. Searching for these is an on-going and worsening challenge as the turnover threshold increases. This search feature will reveal exclusively to USP users those companies that are predicted to enjoy significant growth. This is the early warning that many of you want to have access to in sub £10.2m turnover companies. This will allow you to search and find those hidden gems, that in other cases are simply not available.

Our platform allows you to track these companies in real time. All of our 1700 pre-loaded and any bespoke reports you do are all updated automatically as and when companies file, that now match your criteria. Meaning, you never have to revisit old work.

We’re constantly improving the platform with you in mind, and offer various packages you can choose from, pay as you go/ monthly rolling/ to long term plans. If you need to use the APP and are short on human resources to action it, our back office team can even do it for you.

Contact me today on to find out how USP can transform your business development.

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