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Who we are?

In simple terms we are a blend of 25 years’ experience supplying company data and 100+ years of accountancy, B2B business development and M&A.

USP was conceived by a team of business professionals, who have worked together over the last 15 years. The product was developed as a result of the day to day frustrations of working with company data and the challenges of getting the best from it in a productive way.

The USP Application has had input from a range of business professionals during its development phase and we have been able to incorporate many of your suggestions and ideas.

We would be delighted to arranged a product demonstration for you followed by a free trial so you can use the Application before moving forward.

Management Team

Niel Dalrymple
Niel Dalrymple
Technical Director

What makes us different?

We have combined our data, corporate finance, insolvency and B2B skills to deliver a best-in-class company data solution. The Application has been road tested with a number of business organisations over the last 12 months and we are delighted to be able to launch the product.

The reason we believe you should trial our product is that it has been built with you, the user in mind.

From the feedback you have given us there are already a number of exciting features we are currently researching and will be testing in the coming months.

Why use us?

There are numerous sources and models of company data and we pride ourselves on relevance and ease of use. USP is packed with time-saving and intuitive features, many borne out of our own frustrations and many more suggested by you, the user. Quite simply USP is very much your product too.

You can create bespoke data sets, sector/industry reports badged with your own logo, overlayed with our unique location filters.  Your selections will be auto updated from companies house filings to alert you to changes and to companies you may now wish to consider in your research.  We trust you will at least want to try it.

Support – we are on hand to support you and your business when you need us and our service is further enhanced by a comprehensive library of ‘how to’ videos and help documents.

Core Values

  • Total focus on you (and everything else will follow)
  • Best-in-class service in a fraction of the time
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation and development (you speak, we listen and act)
  • Easy to deal with