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The USP APPlication contains 1700+ industry sector reports making it quick to identify a focused list of companies relevant to you.  Sectors can be combined and the groupings enhanced with our unique keyword search facility which uses our proprietary data to identify more of the companies of interest.  You will swiftly arrive at this group of companies confident that you have not overlooked opportunities or wasted time on irrelevant companies.

Best in class location search options

The best location search options available so you pinpoint your targets

You make the rules

Add in any of your own prospects to enhance your reports / searches

Financials and marketing metrics

Set your financials and marketing metrics using up to 42 financial and marketing metrics. See our list of choices of selection criteria

Time-saving auto updates

All the customised reports which are so easy for you to create in the USP APPlication will be automatically updated from our live data feed.  You will always be looking at the latest data on all the companies you choose.  Any new prospects meeting your criteria and important sector events will be highlighted by the USP APPlication so that you can react in a timely manner.  This will save you time and ensure you are always abreast of developments as they occur.